The OC Film School

Located in the Dramatic Arts Dept of Olympic College (WA). Award-winning, unparalleled, accessible.

On Campus Facilities include: Media Studio with Gear Checkout, Meeting Rooms, Computer Labs, Classrooms for Film Screenings 

OC's Media Studio - a soundproof Space for Short Film Projects, Club Meetings, Digital Filmmaking 1 and Film Directing Scene Studies. 

Features Include:

• 1 Soundproof Booth for Audio Recording

• 4 Professional Level Apple Computers for Editing (2 in Studio, 2 in Haselwood Library)

• Black Magic Cinema Camera with Set of Rokinon Cine Lenses, Rail System, and Follow Focus

• Professional Hight Definition Director's Monitor

• Matthews Dolly System 

• Film Set: 4x8 Walls, Carpet, Art, Practical Lamps, Chairs, Couches, Piano and other Furniture for Custom Scene.

Gear Available for Student Checkout: 

• 3 Canon 18mp DSLR Cameras w/ Kit 18-55mm and 50mm 1.8 lenses & Extra Batteries (one camera includes Rokinon 85mm)

• 5 Fluid Head Professional Tripods

• 4 Boom Poles, Sennheiser/RODE Shotgun Mics, w/Dead Cats

• 4 Tascam DR60 Audio Recorders and 1 Zoom H4n Audio Recorder

• 1 Lowell Pro 3 Point Light Kit, 2 CFL Softbox Kits, 3 Battery Powered LED Lighting Kits

• Assorted Grip Equipment: C-Stands, Silks, Black Flags, Gels, Apple Boxes, Sand Bags

• XLR Cables, Headphones, Stingers

• Indie Systems PVC Dolly

Computer Lab equipped with 20 PCs running the Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere, After Effects, Audition, and Speed Grade.